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      藝術家 | ARTISTS


      清華大學美術學院長聘教授 清華大學美術學院陶瓷藝術系主任 中國美術家協會陶瓷藝術委員會主任 受邀在世界各地舉辦個展共計20余次。出版著作11種19卷,個人作品集20余種。

      Bai Ming

      artist and writer, born in Yugan, Jiangxi Province of China; Tenure track professor、Dean of the Department of Ceramic Art in the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University; Director of Ceramic Art Council of China Artists Association (CAA); More than 20 solo exhibitions of Bai Ming have been held in China and internationally. Bai Ming has published 20 monographs on art and philosophy. He has also edited and published 11 series of books for a total of 19 volumes.